Real Estate - Project Management – Tax Consulting
(AAA Accounting and Tax Services)

RBI Luxembourg, your efficient partner since 1992. Let you guide for your projects by serious, precise, fast, efficient and motivated professionals
appreciate the difference !

- all real estate operations – project management, assistance, organization, realistic evaluations
- we have good contacts with our notaries and administrations
- excellent knowledge for other questions , we can give you informations for tax returns (AAA Tax Services), public help, real estate loans, insurances, home-saving, energypass

We are looking all the time for real estate objects for renting, selling, and real estate promotion (building grounds, existing properties to renew, demolish and construction)

RBI Luxembourg S.A
Tel. +352-346520 (8h30 à 16h00) mobile phone +352-691346520
Email: Fax : +352-340180
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